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Linda M. - 1969
Linda M. - 1969

I’ve always loved cards and started making cards for my family when I was seven.  All the cards seemed so lovely and precious.  I just couldn’t throw any of them away! My collection begins with letters I received from classmates when my family moved from Topeka, KS to Anchorage, AK in 1968.

As I neared the 50-year mark of my collection, I wanted to share it with others.  I hope you find it as fascinating as I do!!

2nd grade class photo from Lowman Hill Elementary School - 1969
Linda M. - back row, third from the left

Send Me a Card!

If you would like to contribute to my collection, please send me a card!  I would love to hear from you. (Please include $20 US to cover the cost of scanning, documenting, and uploading your card to the site.)

Linda M.
My Life in Cards
PO Box 5433
Topeka, KS  66609

You may also pre-pay a card upload or provide a donation online

I Want My Own Site

Do you want to create your own 'My Life in Cards' site? Email me, and I can discuss your options with you -

If you want to just scan in your cards and store them on your phone, I can recommend the Greeting Card Capture app for the iPhone.

For this project, I'm using a system of two scanners. I use the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i to capture the inside and back of the card in a second. I then scan the front of the card using my Epson ET-2750. I found using the larger scanner creates a richer, more vibrant image. For embossed cards or other cards that don't scan well, I take a photo with my phone or use the Greeting Card Capture app. Images from Greeting Card Capture can be downloaded by logging into iCloud and clicking on Photos.

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Alone but Never Alone

The cover of the book - an original watercolor painting with green and purple - evokes a tree.

At the age of 33, Linda M. found herself recently divorced from her husband of eight years and terribly, terribly alone. She realized that if she were to die, no one would know the wonderful ways in which God had revealed himself to her in her life. These are those stories.

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Accessibility Policy

Every effort is being made to the make the collection universally accessible.  I will continue to work with the posted images and pdf files to improve their accessibility over time.

Statistics about the Collection

As of 5/29/2020

Number of cards in online collection to date – 986
Percent of collection uploaded - 71%
Number of hours to scan, document, and upload online collection – 106.9 Manufacturers represented in the collection -

Manufacturer # of Cards % of Collection
Hallmark 281 29%
Not Specified 99 10%
Handmade 96 10%
American Greetings 68 7%
Ambassador 60 6%
Gibson 28 3%
Paper Magic Group 18 2%
Current 13 1%
Recyled Paper Products, Inc. 11 1%

Number of Senders – 440
A breakdown of these senders by their relationship to me.  The # of cards received exceeds the total number of cards in the collections because many cards have more than one sender listed.  If a large group of people signed a card, I did not list everyone separately.

Relationship Cnt # of Cards
Received from Group
Aunt/Uncle 9 81
Babysitter 1 1
Brother 1 16
Brother-in-law 6 34
Can't Remember 82 103
Church Friend 32 84
Company/Group 29 34
Cousin 11 38
Family Friend 21 30
Father 1 18
Friend 96 315
Friend's Child 16 31
Friend's Spouse 12 19
Grandparent 1 9
Great Niece/Nephew 8 17
Mother 1 96
Mother-in-Law 1 11
Niece/Nephew 11 54
Niece/Nephew Spouse 1 10
Other Relative 4 7
School Friend 18 18
Self 1 53
Sender's Pet 7 26
Sister 2 99
Sister-in-law 4 16
Son 1 21
Spouse/Significant Other 3 14
Teacher 6 6
Volunteer Group 1 2
Work Colleague 53 93

Here is a breakdown of the number of cards received by occasion.

Occasion Cnt
Christmas 293
Birthday 221
Thinking of You 94
Thank You 81
Wedding 36
Valentine's Day 36
Invitation 36
Clean Time Birthday 26
Going Away 21
Get Well 20
Easter 14
Postcard 14
Mother's Day 13
Anniversary 13
Sympathy 11
Congratulations 11
Announcement 10
Halloween 5
Thanksgiving 4
Just for Fun 3
Graduation 2
Good Luck 1
Welcome 1
Note 1
Solstice 1